Overweight or obese? You have a medical problem.
Get a medical solution.

Obesity isn’t a disease that most people can overcome through willpower alone. The vast majority of people we’ve treated had tried other diet programs, but they’d been left with nothing but disappointment… until they found us. We’ve helped thousands of people lose weight without hunger or surgery. Explore our website to learn more about our medical weight-loss programs, which all follow these core tenets:

Make Rapid Progress
Most people safely lose 2-5 lbs. per week

Build Good Habits
Maintain your results.

Keep It Off
If you get off track, you can return to your ideal weight.

Dr. John Hernried
American Board of Obesity Medicine

Dr. John Hernried and his team provide leading-edge weight loss expertise.

As our president, medical director and program creator, John Hernried, MD, FACP has dedicated himself to helping the overweight and obese of Sacramento and beyond have better lives. Using sound medical principles and meal replacements only available to doctors, Dr. Hernried has designed a truly different and exceptional weight loss strategy. And to help properly conduct his programs, he relies on a carefully chosen group of specialized doctors, nurse practitioners, exercise scientists and behavioral health educators. As a unified team, we all have a singular focus for you: successful weight loss that stays lost.

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Covered by insurance. Committed to affordability.

If you think that a sophisticated weight loss program will drain your finances, you can take a breath. For Medicare and most PPO insurance plans, The Hernried Center’s programs are typically covered and easy on your wallet. Depending on your plan, you’ll likely only need to pay money out-of-pocket for copays/coinsurance and your meal replacements, which are comparably priced to the average person’s food costs. Learn more…

Hernreid Medical

Our 2-Step Program delivers exceptional weight loss results.

Step 1: Lose it with new direction
Drop to a healthy weight and learn the skills that'll keep you there.
Step 2: Live it with compass
Navigate the challenges of daily life and a difficult food environment with the support of The Hernried Center.

Find the Hernried Center weight loss program that meets your individual needs.

We offer numerous weight loss programs suitable for a variety of people, and none of them involve surgery or contracts. Whether you just need to slim down after having kids, or you struggle with chronic obesity, we’re here to help finally conclude your weight loss struggle — and fast. Read through our programs below to see what we have to offer.

Find the program that’s right for you:

Call us at 800-815-4881 to discuss our programs and figure out the correct path to a thinner, healthier and more confident life.

Hernreid Weight Loss
Hernreid Medical

Start living thinner with our scientifically verified weight loss methods.

We’re proud to show you every detail of our scientifically proven results, and to let you know what real people have to say about their experience at The Hernried Center.

Hernreid Medical Center

Learn about The Hernried Center and how we can help you quickly lose weight.

We’re dedicated to providing you the most convenient weight loss experience possible. To meet that goal, we offer all the tools and information you need to start your rapid transformation at The Hernried Center.

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