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Most people can’t achieve beneficial weight loss without help. Even with the help of diet programs, most are left disappointed. But we’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off—without hunger or surgery—by following these simple rules of success:

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Patient Testimonial: Meet Kari!

“The Hernried Center appeared as the last opportunity for me, and has totally transformed the way I live my life, think about food, experience daily exercise, and consider what is possible for me.”
– Janice, patient


“They told me why I weighed what I weighed and what I could do to change that. This is about changing the way you eat food. This is a lifestyle change.”
– Larry, patient

Effective programs that meet
your individual needs.

The Hernried Center is here to help you lose weight—fast and finally. We individualize our New Direction or Quick 20+ program to your unique needs for fast, lasting medical weight loss.

Fast, safe and lasting weight loss is possible!

At The Hernried Center, we help you lose weight quickly and safely—and without hunger—through nutritional ketosis. Ketosis (commonly known as “keto”) is a metabolic state in which the body burns fat reserves instead of glucose. With medically perfected meal replacements that taste great (and are only available from a doctor), we shift your body away from its natural resistance to losing weight so you can drop pounds at a fast yet healthy rate…and with higher energy levels!


Covered by insurance. Committed to affordability.

Effective weight loss shouldn’t drain your finances. Our programs are covered by Medicare and most PPO insurance plans. Costs vary by plan, but most people only pay out-of-pocket for copays, co-insurance and meal replacements that compare to average food costs.


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* These studies run by The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss were part of an internal research program for the education of our staff and patients as well as to provide information often requested by referring physicians. This research was not funded or sponsored by any product suppler or other third party.


Change your life with leading-edge methods, expertise and teamwork.

Created by our president and medical director, John Hernried, MD, our weight loss programs are successful because they are different. Specifically, your care is medical, provided by credentialed and experienced professionals, and delivered in a team approach. In addition to using the most advanced methods backed by science, our doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral coaches surround you with support, education, empowerment, skill-building, and expertise not common to most weight loss programs.


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We’re dedicated to providing you the most convenient weight loss experience possible. To meet that goal, we offer all the tools and information you need to start your rapid transformation at The Hernried Center.

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