The Hernried Center team offers the Sacramento area unsurpassed weight loss results.

Here at The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss, we view obesity – and being overweight in general – as a complex, chronic medical problem that requires a medical solution. The solution we offer has been continually refined for over 30 years, and is proven to be highly effective. Designed by our experienced president and medical director, John Hernried, MD, FACP, our weight loss programs offer comprehensive support for all types of people who suffer from a variety of weight disorders.


How is The Hernried Center different from other weight loss programs?

We understand that successful weight loss is about change on the outside as well as the inside. Weight loss isn’t a cure for obesity because obesity is a chronic disease of abnormal energy storage. Simply getting the weight off won’t change the ingrained unhealthy behaviors, toxic environment and genetic predisposition that led to your weight gain in the first place. That’s why we offer a 2-Step weight loss program that covers both weight loss and necessary behavior changes — a key difference between us and other weight loss programs.


Led by our obesity treatment expert, John Hernried, MD, FACP.

Dr. Hernried has extensive experience treating obesity and brings a calm, wise presence to our practice. He has a deep, caring interest in helping you with your weight problem, and he has trained his staff to pay close attention to the emotional experience of each patient. Weight management is a sensitive area of medicine that deals with social stigma and discouragement, and Dr. Hernried knows exactly how to overcome those challenges in order to give you effective, easy weight loss and a new, better outlook on life. He is a national leader in the field of obesity medicine, and he continuously works to discover new methods and treatments that will help his patients. Learn more about Dr. Hernried…


John Hernried, MD, FACP


You’ll be cared for by our skilled team of specialized doctors and nurse practitioners.

Our specially trained doctors and nurse practitioners embody the ideas and outlook established by Dr. Hernried. Responsible for monitoring your health throughout your weight loss journey, our team will start by conducting an in-depth medical evaluation. Based on this initial assessment, your team will customize your program to give you optimal weight loss results. Finally, our medical team will regularly check in on your health and progress to make sure you’re staying healthy and losing weight at the ideal rate, as well as to resolve medical complications such as diabetes and hypertension. And as part of our care strategy, we will regularly communicate with your primary care or specialty physicians in order to optimize your progress and health.


Doctors & Nurse Practitioners


Our diet, exercise and behavioral health team offers you the tools you need for success.

By looking at who you are below the surface, our diet, exercise and behavioral health team will design you a personalized program according to your situation and needs. They will counsel you throughout your entire experience on the habits you need to achieve successful, long-term weight management. We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” programs of care — each person’s body responds differently, and our ability to adjust to each new challenge is why we’ve been able to give so many people like you a new, healthier and thinner start.


Diet, Exercise & Behavioral Health Team


Hear it directly from those living a better life because of The Hernried Center.

Of course, there’s nobody who can tell you the real benefit of coming to The Hernried Center better than actual former patients. We have had some truly astounding success stories come out of our center. Let each person tell you how it happened:




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