Real stories from people in the Sacramento area who succeeded at The Hernried Center.

We have given thousands of people new, thinner lives, and many have given us some kind words in return. As you’ll read in the following testimonials, our program worked for them when nothing else did, and we couldn’t be happier.



I stopped visiting The Hernried Center and did not participate in any of the follow-up Compass class work that is so very important to long-term success. I was 18 and I knew everything, right? I kept my weight off for 5 short months before I began to undo the progress that I had so painstakingly achieved. I gained 120 lbs. and I was as lost as I had ever been in my life. I felt incredibly defeated, embarrassed, and utterly without hope. “After several of the lowest years of my adult life I realized I needed a direction and that the United States Army would satisfy that need. The mirror and military recruiters made clear that I would have to lose a considerable amount of weight and square off with my life’s greatest obstacle yet again. I was not lost, however: I knew where to find support. The Hernried Center welcomed my return as if I were a son coming home. With the help of my behaviorist and the support staff I began to lose weight again. As my dieting progressed, my outlook on life improved. One year later, I reported for basic combat training.”

Jason, patient


After several decades of failing at one attempt to reduce my weight after another, I was pretty close to despair. The Hernried Center appeared as the last opportunity for me, and has totally transformed the way I live my life, think about food, experience daily exercise, and consider what is possible for me. I finished New Direction at 165 lbs., half of what I had weighed at my heaviest. And I knew that if I returned to my previous eating and exercise habits, I would regain all of the weight in less time than it took me to lose it.”

– Janice, patient


I like the follow-up, support and maintenance program after you lose the weight. I especially like the small group setting. It’s more personal than other large programs where they don’t even know your name.”

– Paula, patient


It wasn’t all about emotions and feelings. They told me why I weighed what I weighed and what I could do to change that. I was very impressed with the breadth of information from physiology to metabolism to nutrition. This is about changing the way you eat food. This is a lifestyle change.”

– Larry, patient


Like most of us, I’d tried every diet and weight loss program on the planet. I have never successfully maintained any significant amount of weight loss. This program literally saved my life. After losing 80 lbs. initially, I am maintaining a 60 lb. weight loss and I attend a weekly maintenance group at The Hernried Center. While I wish I were still at my goal weight, I am working to get back there. This is the best I have ever done at maintaining weight loss, and it’s because of the support and education available at The Hernried Center. All of my significant medical problems — sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, hypertension, and significant joint pain — are resolved. I ran my first half-marathon last fall, which had always been a dream of mine, but never one that I imagined was possible at this point in my life.”

– Lynn, patient

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