What Is the Best Way to Lose Weight Responsibly?

If you’re struggling to lose those last few pounds and traditional diet and exercise programs aren’t working, the weight loss specialists at The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss have a safe, responsible solution. Our Quick 20 Program can be individualized for your weight loss goals and nutritional needs.

Our Quick 20 program is the best way to lose weight for anyone with a body mass index less than 30 who would like to lose between 5 and 30 pounds.

What is the Quick 20 program?

When you join the Quick 20 program, your body will transition into a state of nutritional ketosis with the help of a dedicated behavioral educator and delicious meal replacements. Maintaining nutritional ketosis is the best way to lose weight because it encourages your body to burn fat, rather than glucose, as its primary fuel. Our meal replacements are packed with all the nutritional goodness your body needs to give your metabolism a boost, achieve ketosis and burn off those final frustrating pounds.

The program also provides you with educational materials that will teach you about proper nutrition and conquering daily food challenges. These tools will help you maintain your weight loss once the program is complete.

Quick 20 program benefits

In addition to improving your overall health and boosting your confidence, our Quick 20 program offers many benefits, including:

  • Dedicated behavioral health educators to help monitor and support your progress
  • Comprehensive medical screenings before you begin to ensure the program is right for you
  • Medical supervision and laboratory monitoring from a licensed physician
  • Fulfilling, nutritionally complete meal replacements that won’t leave you hungry
  • Tools to help keep the weight off once you’ve completed the program
  • No contracts or surgery required to join the program
  • 24/7 support line available

If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight in Sacramento, call our specialists at 800-815-4881 to learn more about our Quick 20 program.