Losing Weight as a Millennial: It’s More Than Just Fad Diets

In today’s world of social media influencers and online advertising, it’s easy to be intrigued—even persuaded—by the latest fad diets. While the South Beach diet or Whole30 might help you lose weight, they may also leave you dissatisfied and lacking the essential nutrients your body needs.

Medical weight loss isn’t just for your parent’s generation. At The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss, we understand the different health needs of younger generations as well. We offer easy programs that help make losing weight as a millennial easy. You will shed pounds with the support you need to reach your weight loss goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle thereafter.

Effective medical weight loss programs

Here are two medical weight loss programs that can help you lose weight quickly and easily:

  1. New Direction
    Losing weight as a millennial is easy with New Direction. All you need to do is follow a carefully designed program customized to your individual needs. New Direction is a two-step program designed to help anyone lose the excess weight and keep it off with more intensive support and guidance.

    1. Step 1 – Focuses on rapid weight loss through the use of tasty meal replacements that transition your body into nutritional ketosis.
    2. Step 2 – Once you’ve reached your goal weight and learned the basics of ideal eating, this step teaches you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you transition back to grocery foods from meal replacements.
  2. Quick 20+
    This medical weight loss program is built on scientifically proven, medically supervised methods that help you lose weight quickly and keep it off. Quick 20+ is a comprehensive, medically supervised program designed for people with busy lives. With the Quick 20+ program you will receive all the help and organization you need with our new web platform and smartphone app, so you have everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips.

You can calculate your body mass index with the use of The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss BMI calculator to clarify your weight loss goals. If you need medical weight loss support, please call 800-815-4881. We are here to help you lose weight and live healthier lives in the Sacramento area and beyond.