Nothing’s more customized than a weight loss plan based on your genetics.

There’s no question: genetically specific diet, exercise and medical plans are the way of the future. In our never-ending mission to give you the best weight loss treatment available, we have partnered with Pathway Genomics® to give you the option of developing a truly personalized strategy for weight loss and maintenance.

At The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss in the Sacramento area, we offer genetic testing and personal profiles that give you useful information about your predispositions, such as:

  • Ideal diet
  • Best exercise for your body type
  • Predispositions to vitamin deficiencies and diseases like diabetes
  • Critical behavioral tendencies, such as craving sweets

Our rapid genetic testing gives you invaluable diet and exercise information.

Genetic testing is easy, painless and quick to perform. All we do is take a small sample of your saliva right here at our office and test it for over 75 health- and weight-related genetic predispositions. You will then receive a comprehensive report of each testing component (view a sample report here). Your behavioral health educator will review your results with you and work with you to design a custom diet and exercise plan matched to your individual genetic makeup.

Genetic testing could be your key to unlocking a weight loss strategy that works.

Although everyone can benefit from genetic testing, it’s especially helpful if your weight is particularly stubborn about coming off, or if you’ve experienced multiple cycles of weight regain. The difference between stagnant weight loss and rapid results could come down to genetics that predispose you toward fat gain on a high carbohydrate diet. Making personal optimizations like this could give you the edge in your weight loss journey, and genetic testing is the only way to discover your needs.

Additionally, studies show that sticking to a genetically customized diet results in twice as much weight loss compared to generic diet plans. While losing weight on our program is easy, following a genetically appropriate diet after transitioning back to grocery store food could help you keep the weight off.

Your private information is safe with The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss.

We will only use your genetic information to give you the most effective weight loss and regain avoidance strategy possible. We will keep your information secure, and there are federal and state laws that prohibit this information from being used for employment or insurance purposes.


For more information about our genetic customization possibilities, call 800-815-4881. You can also request a free phone consultation by using our easy online form.