Earn a $50 Credit for Yourself and the Person Who Referred You

A reward for the gift of health and well-being.

If somebody referred you to our practice, both parties are eligible for a $50 credit. There are two ways to secure your credit:

  1. When requesting your first appointment through our website form (right), select the option to notify us that a current patient referred you and enter the first and last name of your referrer.
  2. We’ll give a 50-50 Referral Card to the person referring you. They’ll then pass this card to you, which you’ll present at your first appointment.

The $50 credit can be applied toward products available at The Hernried Center, including New Direction meal replacements, Sonova® Essential GLA supplements and more. It cannot be applied toward medical costs, such as physicals. The credit can be claimed for all referrals starting February 1st, 2017.


If you have any questions about our program or would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form to the right or call 800-815-4881.