Transition from weight loss program to Step A:

  • Slightly Increase calories per day.
  • Introduce lean protein choices.
  • Introduce some vegetables and fruit.
  • May decrease water from a minimum of 3 quarts/day to a minimum of 2 quarts/day.
  • If you have not already started, begin taking fish oil (500mg – 1000mg/day).
  • Begin taking a multivitamin each day (if using less than 3 MRPs/day)

You will continue:

  • To use ____ Meal Replacements/day.
  • Using bouillon and magnesium (as prescribed).
  • Using any May Haves from the Must Have/May Have list from the weight loss program.

No Alcohol during realimentation. Your calories need to be spent on meeting your nutritional needs.


  • You will start with _____ calories per day.


  • You will need a minimum of ____ grams of protein per day.
  • Your protein choices will include poultry, fish and egg whites. The amounts listed on your foodlist plus your MRP’s will provide you with the amount of protein needed.
  • Use a food scale to measure your lean protein choices.


  • You will need 3-4 cups of vegetables a day.
  • You will choose from the list of vegetable choices on your food list for Step A. Lettuce is on thelist, and allowed, but please don’t count it towards your 3-4 cups. 4 cups of lettuce would only be 20 calories and you need 120 calories/day to meet your caloric needs.


  • You will need 75-90 calories of fruit a day. This is typically 5-6 oz of fruit.
  • You will choose from the list of fruit choices provided on your food list for Step A.
  • Use a food scale to measure the fruit