As part of the program, you have the option of having a Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) test. This sheet describes the purpose of the test, how it is performed and how to use the results.

What is a Resting Energy Expenditure test? Resting Energy Expenditure is a measure of the calories per day required by an individual at rest. The test measures the amount of oxygen consumed during normal breathing. This information is used to calculate your body’s caloric needs. The purpose of having the REE is twofold. First, it will tell you your baseline caloric needs in your current weight body, excluding any purposeful exercise. Second, the results of your REE can be compared to your estimated intake during weight maintenance (per your food records), so that you can adjust caloric needs, as well as evaluate the accuracy of your records.

How should I prepare for the test? Wear comfortable clothes. Do not exercise, smoke, or drink anything containing caffeine in the four hours preceding your appointment; if you must eat within those four hours, be sure it is a light meal.

What are the procedures for the test? On your arrival at The Hernried Center you will sit quietly in a comfortable reclining chair for 10-15 minutes, during which time a face mask will be used to collect the air you breathe for analysis. No activity, even reading, knitting, etc. is allowed during this time, as any activity may affect your REE. You may still take the test successfully if you have mild respiratory problems (cold, allergies) but not if you have a fever. If concerned about your condition, please call our staff as you may be rescheduled.

When do I get the results? Our staff will review the results with you immediately after the test. The entire test, including familiarization with the equipment, the test process and reviewing the results, takes about 30 minutes. You will receive a copy of the results; the original is filed in your chart. These results will be useful during the period of skill development necessary for your long-term maintenance.

If you have any questions about the procedure, or need to change your appointment, please call The Hernried Center at (916) 978-0300.

Please try to call at least 48 hours in advance if you must cancel or change your appointment, as there is often a waiting list and time slots are always in demand.