1. If you have any medical concerns related to your weight loss, call the office and ask for the behavioral educator on call. Both a behavioral educator and physician are on call at all times.
    PHONE (916) 978-0300
  1. The “Emergency Plan” is for emergencies only.
  1. Remember to go slowly from reclining or sitting to standing to avoid dizziness.
  1. It is normal for patients to urinate more than usual over the first two weeks on the VLCD as the body releases excess water from the tissues.
  1. Adequate medical monitoring must be maintained while on the VLCD. For your safety, The Hernried Center retains the right to dismiss non-compliant patients from the program.
  1. If you miss a class, you are expected to contact your behavioral educator. Call in advance and make arrangements for medical monitoring and for attending a makeup class.
  1. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all clinic members.
  1. Inform the clinic immediately, preferably in writing, of any change of contact and/or insurance information.
  1. Do not donate blood for two months after the end of active weight loss.