1. Have a “Valued Purpose”

  • a certain motivator
  • make it your reason

2. Increase Exercise Cues

  • anything to remind/encourage exercise in your life

• exercise equipment in your house

• exercise bag, walking shoes handy

• schedule on your calendar

3. Find Like-Minded People

  • social support
  • exercise classes

4. Sign-Up for Events

  • various run/walk events

5. Schedule Your Day Around Exercise/Activity

  • don’t try to fit in exercise – make it a priority

6. Take Active Vacations

  • keeping some kind of activity as part of your vacation

7. Choose Activities You Enjoy

  • if you don’t like exercise, find something you can tolerate

• dancing

• tai chi

8. Keep an Exercise Log

  • reinforces your success

9. Observe Stumbling Blocks & Learn From Them

  • make a conscious effort to figure out what trips you up
  • make changes as needed to keep you focused & successful

10. Exercise Integrity in the Moment of Choice

  • increase the importance of exercise in your life

• if managing weight is important – then you need to incorporate exercise