As You Begin Weight Loss, What Should You Do About Exercise?

People beginning weight loss at The Hernried Center often want to start immediately on an exercise program. We feel you will attain the best results when you know what to expect as you begin weight loss.

During the first week of weight loss, you may not be able to perform at the same level you could prior to starting weight loss. This is because your body is being depleted of available carbohydrate energy (glucose) and has not yet adapted to use your body fat as an alternate source of energy, in the form of ketones. Throughout weight loss, ketones will be a key factor in your energy supply. It takes as long as two to three weeks to fully adapt once your ketone level has stabilized. If you find yourself still feeling “dragged out” after the third week of the program, please talk to us about this on your next visit. A bouillon 30 minutes prior to exercise will help alleviate these symptoms (See Sodium and its Role in Weight Loss).

Establishing a fitness routine early on will help minimize muscle mass loss and will speed up the rate of weight loss. Also, it is important to have an exercise routine in place for an easier transition into weight maintenance. We recommend that you exercise 240-300 minutes per week (includes aerobic and anaerobic exercise) during weight loss and continuously. Regular exercise is the #1 predictor of long-term success in weight management, and is essential for general health, vitality and improved self-esteem.


Stick with the diet. If you break the diet with even a small amount of carbohydrate (and it takes very little to do so), your body will reverse its adaptation to the low calorie diet and requires 2-3 weeks to regain its adaptation. If you are struggling with staying on the program, please contact us!

Above all, respect you body. Respect the level of work your nourished body is able to do. Take responsibility for nourishing your body during weight loss and after. The sense of well-being and vitality you will experience in a lean, nourished and exercised body will be worth the effort.