Although the instructions are on the back of each meal packet, we have some additional tips. Also, on the following pages, you will find some recipe favorites from our patients.

For Mixing Chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla, Mocha, Strawberry, and Pineapple Apricot Shakes:

Most clients prefer these icy cold.
Less or more water can be used depending on desired consistency and sweetness.

Diet sugar-free soda (having 1 calorie/8 fl.oz. or less) can be used in place of water (a favorite is orange soda mixed with vanilla beverage).

Add ice after meal packet has been completely mixed or else it will stick to the ice.
If you are using a blender, mix until ice is completely blended (the flavor will improve).

For Mixing Chocolate or Vanilla Pudding:

Some clients like mixing these in the blender with ice and extra water. This creates a thicker shake and will turn to pudding if put in fridge for 30 minutes. It can also be frozen, creating a fudge-like popsicle.

For Mixing Hot Cocoa, Tomato or Chicken Soup:

Do NOT use boiling water. This will cause the protein to cook and congeal and will not taste good. Hot water taps on some sinks are TOO HOT!

After mixing, you can reheat the soup/cocoa to reach desired temperature.

If using a container, use one with a screw-on lid instead of a snap-on lid. The hot water will cause the plastic of the container to expand and a snap-on lid will fly off, resulting in liquid flying everywhere.

Some people like to add coffee to the hot cocoa instead of water to make a mocha.

Vanilla beverage can be used in place of creamer. Just make sure the coffee is not too hot.

Hot cocoa also tastes good cold with ice. Try it!