Constipation and diarrhea can be side effects of dieting. If you are prone to constipation, start preventive measures at the beginning of weight loss.


For Prevention of Constipation

(to avoid constipation if it has NOT already occurred)

• Fiber, in the form of

1 or 2 AHS fiber drinks/gelatins OR

Up to 2 tsp. Sugar free fiber beverage (Metamucil, Benefiber) OR

Up to 2 tbsp. Unprocessed wheat bran

• Stool Softener, Docusate 100mg (Colace, Surfak): 2-3 tablets daily, taken all at one time

Note: Do not use fiber tablets. They do not dissolve well.


For Treatment of Constipation

(if constipation has ALREADY occurred)

• Milk of Magnesia: 1- 2 tbsp. Every 4 hours, until results OR

• Glycerin suppositories, as directed on package

Note: Do NOT use enemas. This can lead to medical complications if you are on a diet. Discontinue the fiber temporarily if you are constipated. Return to prevention regimen after condition is relieved.


For Treatment of Diarrhea

(If condition lasts more than three days, notify The Hernried Center physician).

• Kaopectate or Immodium as directed on package

• Up to 2 tbsp. unprocessed wheat bran