• Cooking may be done by baking, broiling, grilling, steaming, boiling or by microwave but NOT by frying, or cooking in oil, butter, margarine, etc.

• For cooking, you may choose to use:

– Lemon or lime juice

– Vinegars, less than 5g carbohydrate/serving

– Hot sauce, 0g Carbohydrate (e.g. Tabasco sauce)

– Dried spices (e.g. basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, black pepper)

– Pam cooking spray

– Walden Farms salad dressings


Meat Choice (Calories/Protein grams)

Requirements: 25-45g Protein, 150-200 calories

Meats contain about 7 grams of Protein/ounce.

6oz. White-colored fish (150cal/42g)

4oz. Salmon & dark-colored fish (200cal/28g)

6oz. Shellfish (150cal/42g)

4oz. Lean beef (200cal/28g)

5oz. Skinless chicken breast (200cal/35g)

4oz. Lean pork (200cal/28g)

5oz. Skinless turkey breast (200cal/35g)

4oz. Lean lamb (200cal/28g)


Vegetable Choice (Calories/Cup)

Requirements: 2-3 cups (75-100 calories)

Average raw vegetables = 35 calories/cup

Asparagus (40cal)

Bell Pepper (40cal)

Broccoli (30cal)

Cabbage (25cal)

Cauliflower (25cal)

Celery (15cal)

Cucumber (15cal)

Green beans (35cal)

Mushroom (15cal)

Radish (15cal)

Summer squash (25cal)

Tomato (30cal)

Limit to 1 Cup:

Carrot (50cal)

Onion, raw (65cal)

Unlimited choices:


Spinach, raw

Mixed greens