These side effects may occur during the weight loss phase and approximately 12 to 16 weeks after active weight loss has stopped.


Muscle Cramps

1. Report to a Hernried Center medical provider. You may need extra magnesium.

2. Flex feet, keep feet warm, walk.

3. DO NOT massage cramps if you have a history of phlebitis.

4. DO NOT sit with crossed legs for extended periods of time near the end of the weight loss cycle. Nerve damage can result.


Orthostatic Hypotension (light-headedness)

1. Change positions slowly; get out of bed slowly.

2. AVOID hot baths, steam baths, whirlpool, sauna, diving, horseback riding, motorcycling, swimming alone, weight lifting, or piloting an airplane until you are stabilized. (approximately 2-3 weeks). Then proceed with caution.

3. Immediately prior to entering a steam bath, you must have 1-2 quarts of pure water and one bouillon. DO NOT GO ALONE.

4. DO NOT wear tight girdles or restricting garments.


Halitosis (bad breath)

1. If necessary you may chew up to five sticks of sugar-free gum per day.

2. Consistent brushing and flossing is helpful.


Cold Intolerance

1. Dress warmly.

2. Increase heart rate with exercise to counteract cold.


Gall Bladder Problems/Gallstones

All weight loss diets increase the risk of gallstones. Careful adherence to the prescribed diet (i.e. no more or less than prescribed) is necessary. Notify staff immediately of any potential problems.



1. If very uncomfortable or if the condition persists beyond three day, notify the clinic (see “Medications”).

2. NO enemas.

3. Refer to “Keeping You Regular” handout.


Increased Fertility

1. Birth control pills may be continued during weight loss.

2. Diaphragms must be refitted after every 15-20 pounds of weight loss.