Quick 20 Program:

Medical Screening Exam. This is the initial visit at The Hernried Center that consists of blood work and examination by one of our medical providers. During this visit, our medical staff will review your health history and ensure it is safe for you to start the diet.

The Hernried Center visits Every Two Weeks. Make your appointment once every two weeks for medical monitoring in the clinic location that is most convenient for you. This will include weight. blood pressure and occasional lab work. Also, please bring in your food records for review.

  • At weeks 2 and 8 you will have blood draws
  • Pick up your meal replacement packets/bars for the next two weeks

New Direction Meal Replacement Packets and Bars. This includes thirteen different flavors: chocolate shake, vanilla shake, strawberry shake, hot cocoa, mocha shake, chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, pineapple apricot shake, lemon pudding with fiber, cheddar broccoli soup, chocolate with fiber, vanilla with fiber and chicken soup. Chocolate fudge and peanut butter bars are available.

Life Skills Self-Study Program. Losing weight healthfully is more than just cutting calories. In fact, research shows that losing weight by dieting alone doesn’t work, at least not in the long run. To manage your weight for a lifetime, you need to make permanent changes in your eating and exercise habits and the role food plays in your life. This program is offered to you as part of the Quick 20 Program to provide skills needed to help you manage your weight.

Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) Test (Metabolic Rate). This test will measure the amount of oxygen your body consumes while at rest, which will be used to calculate your body’s daily calorie needs. By knowing the amount of calories your body needs at rest, you will know how many calories and how much activity are necessary for you to maintain your weight. Please set up an appointment with our front desk staff around six weeks after your Quick 20 completion date.

The Hernried Center On-Call Support. During the course of the program, if you experience any emotional or physical symptoms, we can help you. Please call us during our business hours. If your situation is urgent, our answering service will get you in touch with our on-call staff.