Program Pricing in the Sacramento Area

Keeping your weight loss affordable and effective.

Our weight-loss programs are far less expensive than many name-brand alternatives, while also offering expert medical monitoring and meal replacements that are only available through physicians. See the table below for a breakdown of our Quick 20 and 2-Step (New Direction & Compass) programs.

Remember! Insurance coverage will significantly reduce your medical costs, and we accept most PPO insurance plans. Call us at 800-815-4881 today to verify your coverage.

    Quick 20
  (20-29 BMI)***
  (30+ BMI)
  Initial Medical Evaluation (one-time fee)*   $195   $295
  Program Fee (per week)*   $32.25   $96.25
  New Direction   Meal Replacements (per week)**
  See calculator below.
  $109 – $145   $75 – $150

*Cash rate, reducible with insurance coverage.
**Cost varies depending on sex, height and program type. See calculator below to determine your specific rate.
***Pending a medical evaluation. Individuals with a BMI between 20 and 24 require at least one associated health condition (such as high blood pressure) to be eligible.

Here’s a breakdown of each item listed in the table above.

Initial Medical Evaluation

Your initial medical evaluation includes a full physical, labs, EKG and a medical history review with one of our weight-loss providers. Due to the additional health concerns common to individuals above 30 BMI, the initial 2-Step evaluation is more in-depth.

Program Fee

2-Step (New Direction & Compass): Our flagship program consisting of two phases: weight loss and weight maintenance. Your program fee will include weekly medical monitoring (only during Step 1: New Direction), educational classes and one-on-one sessions with your behavioral health educator (BHE). You’ll also have access to our patient portal, where you’ll be able to purchase meal replacements and view your weekly educational materials. Finally, should you need to speak with someone immediately, you’ll have access to our 24/7 phone line.

Quick 20: Our more specialized program for those who only need to lose 5 to 30 pounds. This program is more self-directed than our main program. You’ll have access to our robust patient portal, where you can track your progress, message your BHE, order meal replacements and fill out any necessary forms. You’ll also have medical check-ins every other week and access to our 24/7 phone line.

Meal Replacements

Our tasty New Direction meal replacements contain all the nutrients your body needs, and they’re only available to physicians. Reminder: While you’re using our meal replacements, your grocery store costs will either be at $0.00 or significantly reduced. Enter your information into the calculator below to determine your program eligibility and exact meal replacement costs.

Determine Your Program Eligibility and Daily Meal Replacement Cost

For more information about our pricing structure, call 800-815-4881. You can also request a free phone consultation using our easy online form.