The Hernried Center helps you lose weight — quickly and easily — with New Direction.

New Direction is a two-step program designed to help those—regardless of their weight loss goals—lose the excess pounds and keep it off with more intensive help and guidance. With New Direction, you have just one, simple responsibility: follow our carefully designed program, which we customize to your individual needs. We’ll handle the monitoring, adjustments, and all the other details that tend to discourage people from persevering, losing the weight, and keeping it off.

Step 1

Your weight loss must be fast, healthy and free from hunger.We start you with New Direction by getting your excess weight off as fast as possible.

We do this with tasty meal replacements to transition your body into nutritional ketosis. Our board-certified doctors will ensure that you remain healthy by closely monitoring a range of indicators and fine-tuning your diet program accordingly. Throughout this first step, you’ll also begin learning about ideal eating and behavioral habits at our weekly classes. These skills are vital to staying at your target weight, which tends to arrive faster than you expect!

Step 2

You need to learn how to maintain a thinner lifestyle. After reaching your ideal weight, you’ll begin to transition from meal replacements back to grocery food.

You’ll also start a new set of weekly skills classes where you’ll receive further support, problem-solving skills, and behavioral health education. As you reenter the world of grocery store food, you’ll likely face challenges to your weight loss. You may even stumble a little along the way and experience some slight regain. That’s okay. This second step is all about overcoming life’s complications.

Supercharging your weight loss with nutritional ketosis and meal replacements.

We know you’re fed up with being overweight. Many of the people we treat at The Hernried Center in the Sacramento area have tried and failed to lose weight far too many times. We have designed our two-step New Direction program to meet that very challenge, and it all starts with special meal replacements and nutritional ketosis to help you quickly shed your extra pounds without hunger.

While in ketosis, your body will use its own fat stores for energy instead of carbohydrates. This allows us to lower your caloric intake without increasing your hunger! Most people lose 2 to 5 pounds per week during this step. As you lose weight, you’ll likely notice more energy and easier everyday tasks, such as climbing stairs and getting in and out of cars.

You’ll soon experience a new level of confidence and enthusiasm for the next phase of your life, which is crucial for maintaining long-term weight loss.

We’ll start by transitioning your body into a state of ketosis with our tasty, nutritionally complete meal replacements.

Let us help you keep the weight off forever.

Once you’ve reached your ideal weight, it’s time for you to transition back to eating regular food and to start applying the skills you learned in your classes in New Directions first step. The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss will be there to help you every step of the way, and our evidence shows that those who actively engage in Step 2 are able to maintain most if not all of their weight loss. If you take this step seriously, you can expect great results.

Our board-certified doctors will monitor your health every step of the way.

Our weight-loss medicine specialists will regularly monitor you throughout the entire program to ensure safe, healthy weight loss. This is mandatory for diets like ours that involve nutritional ketosis. By tracking your progress and watching your vitals, labs and electrocardiogram (EKG) results, we can customize your caloric intake and optimize your rate of weight loss. Our doctors will help you lose weight as quickly as possible while keeping you healthy, and hitting that “sweet spot” is one of the key benefits of choosing our program.

During the second step, you’ll continue to work closely with your doctor and behavioral health educator during this time to ensure that you transition without problems and avoid weight regain.

Your first-step classes will have taught you the skills you need to develop in order to navigate the ups and downs of life without falling back into poor habits. In your Step 2 classes, you’ll start to use those skills as you begin to eat regular food and confront challenging life situations, such as holidays, birthdays and the many food attractions around the Sacramento area. You will meet with the same group at each class, so your peers and behavioral health educator will always be available to provide you with ongoing support.

Dedicate yourself to permanent weight loss.

We strongly recommend spending at least 12-18 months in the second step to give you enough time to face a range of challenging situations with the support of The Hernried Center. On top of your classes and support network, you’ll have the option to avail yourself of the many other benefits of our center, including:

  • Private appointments with your behavioral health educator
  • Meal replacements
  • Exercise consultations
  • Body composition evaluations
  • Resting energy expenditure testing
  • Private doctor visits

Pharmaceutical support is available under special circumstances.

You can achieve a healthy body weight without prescription diet medications. However, maintaining weight loss isn’t always so simple. Certain circumstances, such as vacations, can interfere with your hard-earned results, and we’ve found that medications can be quite helpful for getting you through particularly tough times.

If you get off track, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Because excessive weight is a problem of abnormal energy storage, you won’t simply be cured once you lose weight. You’ll need to persistently practice good habits in order to stay at your new, healthier weight. Luckily, habits become easier to maintain the longer you practice them. However, even for those who have achieved long-term success, weight regain can still happen. Fortunately, our specialists have years of experience stopping weight regain in its tracks.

For more information about our two-step New Direction program, call 800-815-4881. You can also request a free phone consultation by using our easy online form.