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* These studies run by The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss were part of an internal research program for the education of our staff and patients as well as to provide information often requested by referring physicians. This research was not funded or sponsored by any product suppler or other third party.

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A woman named Kari's before & after weight loss photos

Kari C.

Lost 84 lbs.

“This program sounded appealing because you are closely monitored by doctors and there are support groups. Being overweight before, there were a lot of things that I wasn’t comfortable doing or that I just physically could not do. I lost a total of 85 lbs at my lowest point. Now I’m maintaining my comfortable range of about 80 lbs. The Hernried Center has completely changed my life. It’s given me my life back. It’s given me more energy. I’m not depressed. I’m not sad to have to go to an event because now it’s fun to get dressed up. It’s fun to look at my closet and see all of the cute clothes that I get to choose from and that I feel good in. It’s given me the chance to be with my kids and my husband and be there to do things with them. I’m not trying to sit back and find ways to get out of these activities that they want to do.”

Kari lost 84 pounds!

A woman named Connie's before & after weight loss photos

Connie G.

Lost 80 lbs.

“I regained one more time after a major weight loss and desperately went to The Hernried Center for gastric bypass assessment as a last resort. During my consultation, Dr. Hernried suggested I try the meal replacement program first, saying that many patients feel relieved by taking a break from food. This resonated with me, but I tried it with misgivings because I had tried everything to battle my lifelong weight problem. I always lost it, but I never could keep it off! At The Hernried Center, I lost weight and acquired the skills I needed to maintain a lower body weight. I learned through the Pathways DNA test that I have a genetic tendency to be overweight and tend to have trouble feeling satiated. What a relief to learn it really is harder for me than for others.

I promised myself two years of maintenance program to try to make this time different. Then, I learned about scientific studies that found that people who stay in maintenance for five years have a significantly better chance of maintaining weight loss. Thus I have been in the Compass program for 3½ years and am maintaining the lowest body weight of my entire adult life. Compass gives me tools and support, as well as scientific information about nutrition and weight maintenance. I am currently 80 lbs. lighter than when I started the program and am 138 lbs. below my lifetime high.”

Connie lost 80 pounds!

A man named Adrian's before & after weight loss photos

Adrian B.

Lost 117 lbs.

“Over the past 25 years, I’ve been on many diets, ranging from various over-the-counter diet pills to fad diets you see and read about on TV. Sometimes the weight dropped off for a bit, but then it would come back and make itself at home, often with a bit more weight as a gentle reminder that I failed.

“My husband asked me to join him at The Hernried Center, and being at my heaviest at 296 lbs. (compliments of back surgery), I was willing to give it a try. I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed at first, but within a few weeks, everything started to fall into place. Seeing immediate results in the first week alone motivated me to continue.

“Today, I’m at 178 lbs. and I feel great! I’m confident the knowledge I’ve learned over the past year will help me keep the weight off. Tessa, Carmelita and Janine were with me the entire time and were available to answer all my questions and talk through my hang-ups. Christian and Loren helped me through and gave me advice on exercise and how to keep my back safe from injury.

“The Hernried Center is a no-judgment zone. The behavioral health educators and exercise physiologists are there for you and will help you get back on track if unexpected life and work events happen. Joining the program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Adrian lost 117 pounds!

A man named Jose's before & after weight loss photos

Jose H.

Lost 219 lbs.

“I started the process of getting the gastric bypass surgery procedure. When I spoke to the doctor, he said I had to lose 100 lbs. They gave me a couple of options and the Hernried Center was the one I chose to try. The beginning was the most difficult part. I thought I was going to quit since I was going without food. How could anyone survive that? But once I got into ketosis, I felt great and it’s been great ever since.

Everyone involved in the program has been great. I love all the support you get and all the resources available to you, but my favorite part is meeting as a group and discussing our difficulties and successes. I’ve learned a lot from listening to others’ experience with the program. And aside from all the positive changes of losing weight, the biggest impact on my life has been the hope that has been restored to me. I’m looking forward to what is to come in my life and I’m excited about all the new possibilities. Thank you, Hernried Center!”

Jose lost 219 pounds!

A woman named Kathleen's before & after weight loss photos

Kathleen S.

Lost 100 lbs.

Kathleen lost 100 pounds!

A man named Dennis' before & after weight loss photos

Dennis B.

Lost 66 lbs.

“Support from the Compass maintenance program is worthwhile. I wouldn’t have learned about the importance of record-keeping if not for this program.  Being able to bring up challenges I’ve faced, laugh with my classmates and bring up moral if other folks are struggling is rewarding.  In addition, having an instructor who is doing the program makes them more relatable and knowledgeable about how to effectively support us in our journey.”

Dennis lost 66 pounds!