The Sacramento area has multiple options for fast, long-lasting weight loss.

While our 2-Step program is designed for those who want to lose more than 30 lbs. through diet and exercise alone, we have multiple other effective, specialized programs for people outside those criteria.

Slim back down with our Quick 20 program.

If you’ve put on between 5 and 30 pounds and are looking for a way to get back to your old self, Quick 20 is your answer. A modified version of our 2-Step program, Quick 20 still gives you access to our tasty meal replacements, medical monitoring and behavioral health educators, but we take a more hands-off approach. This system offers a proven, effective weight loss solution for everyone from new moms to those who have moved from an active to a sedentary lifestyle.

Quick 20 Program


If bariatric surgery didn’t work, you can still achieve a thinner, healthier life.

Bariatric surgery is far from guaranteed. About 30% of people who have a bariatric procedure — such as gastric bypass, LAP-BAND® or sleeve gastrectomy — either don’t lose weight or regain the weight they’ve lost. Most people feel hopeless at that point, and understandably so. But they shouldn’t, because here at The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss, we specialize in helping bariatric surgery patients get the results they deserve. Trust our expertise to make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need and to help you finally lose the weight for good.

Post-Bariatric Regain & Complications


For more information about our specialized programs, call 800-815-4881. You can also request a free phone consultation by using our easy online form.