Should I do a Weight Loss Challenge?

A pink weight with a towel behind a "30 days lose weight challenge" sign

A weight loss challenge is a fun way to engage with your friends, family or co-workers—and it’s good for you, too! People who are generally healthy are usually good candidates for this type of challenge, though checking with your physician before beginning any new exercise routine is highly recommended.

What is involved in a weight loss challenge?

It is important to understand what you’re getting involved in before deciding to participate in a weight loss challenge. It’s better to approach a 30, 60 or 90-day challenge as a jumpstart to making healthy lifestyle changes. This mentality will help you maintain weight loss and practice better eating habits, rather than falling back into bad habits once the challenge is finished. A basic weight loss challenge involves the following lifestyle changes:

  • Stay hydrated
    Water is one of the most important components of any weight loss challenge and a healthy life. Water flushes out toxins, promotes fat burning, reduces water retention and keeps you feeling good during your workout.
  • Reduce sugar intake
    Removing as much sugar from your diet is essential for weight loss. Sugar increases body fat, slows your metabolism and may even lead to serious health problems like excess weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and, in some cases, cancer.
  • Build and maintain a healthy diet
    If you’ve never heard the phrase ‘abs are built in the kitchen,’ you may become familiar with it during your weight loss challenge. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help maximize your efforts in the gym and promote a healthier lifestyle. For the challenge you’ll likely focus on eating less carbs, more healthy fat and protein.
  • Increase exercise
    If you want to burn fat, you’ll need to incorporate weight lifting at least 3 to 4 times per week and cardiovascular exercise.

If you are in good health and motivated to make healthy, long-lasting lifestyle changes like those listed above, then you should take part in a weight loss challenge. Talk to the weight loss specialists at The Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss in Sacramento; weight loss that lasts is possible with the right support. Call 800-815-4881 to learn more.